House of the Lord
Sermon preached by Seventy Bob Moore at Zarahemla Branch, May 24, 2015.

Papers and Pamphlets

Women Ministries
Explores the role of Women Ministries in the Church.
Continuity of the Church
Discusses how the Church continued after the death of Joseph Smith and the fragmentation then occurring and compares it to the discord now effecting the Reorganized Church.
The Condemnation of the Church and the Reorganization
Reviews how the divine condemnation placed on the Church in the days of Joseph the martyr affects the Reorganization.

Interpretation of Prophecy: The Restoration and Futurist Views Compared
Compares the futurist interpretation of prophecy, which the fundamental, evangelical portion of Protestantism has recently embraced, with the traditional interpretation of the Reorganization.

Modalism and the Book of Mormon
Examines the traditional teaching of the Reorganization of the Godhead and compares it to Modalism -- the belief that God has only one personage.

Was Joseph Influenced by Masonry
Examines how Masonry effected the Restoration, if it influenced the Book of Mormon or the tenets of the Church, and how much it affected Joseph Smith.

Other Good Writings

A Letter of Instruction
Letter written by Joseph Smith III to the Church with instructions on succession in presidency.

Concerning our Whereabouts - Watchman, What of the Night?
Prophecy received through Elder Joseph Luff.

Joseph Luff - Temple Lot Revelation
Revelation given through Joseph Luff, February 19, 1930 at the Church on the Temple Lot.

Home Ministry Materials

Family Steps Toward Zion
Good material for use in home ministry or for general family study.